Place: Istanbul, Turkey

Started: 02/17/2019

Finished: 19/02/2019

  • Israel Pons, CEO of Angels Nest meets with 1500 delegates from around the world, as the only representative of Mexico in the annual international congress on investment and capital markets in the initial stages.

AN NEWS. The WBAF 2019 Congress, Istanbul, Turkey, met government ministers, angel investors, policy makers and representatives from science and innovation, chambers of commerce and industry and government investment promotion agencies; raising the possibility of promoting the issue of connecting private equity funds with angel investors to boost innovation.

As part of the activities on the agenda, round tables were divided into three panels with the leaders of the WBAF world, where senior commissioners and senators held an international dialogue on financial inclusion, noting that investing globally offers great opportunities, but before It needs a wide knowledge about the ecosystem.

At the dialogue table “The digitization of knowledge as the norm of future investment management” where high commissioner of Mexico participated, Israel Pons, CEO of Angels Nest, set great importance in helping angel investors to optimize their take decisions by providing relevant information on the risks and uncertainties of the stock markets at an early and later stage.

In the third round, the topic of investment tools in groups or societies was discussed to strengthen those of early stage markets, where capital is distributed, to maintain control and mitigate risk.

In the fourth round, investment issues were analyzed through the stock market in new and evaluated companies, where both parties obtain benefits, in addition to focusing on the future trends of start-ups, discussing the pros and cons of the markets of start, with the aim of providing a better understanding of what could be the possible path for the newly created securities markets and start emerging markets.

In addition, it was enriched with meetings where specific topics were touched on the entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem such as CEO-Preneurship Summit, Investment Summit, Fintech Summit and Impact Investment Summit. For the first time, the leaders of the G20, a group of industrialized and emerging countries, recognized in their report the importance of angel investment. G20 countries can do more to promote economic development by more directly involving managers in the early-stage equity markets.

The corporate CEOs, at the time of retirement will have more time to be mentors of new companies, expansions, high growth businesses and SMEs, since they will add the network of contacts they have built for years, adding their knowledge to the economic model.

The investment summit aims to plan new forms of creation, ranges and growth to access financing. Prior to this, emerging companies were summoned for funding and as a result 50 were finalists. During the G20 summit, it focused on public policies aimed at promoting financial inclusion of countries, demonstrating that small and medium enterprises can generate a large number of new jobs and, therefore, are important contributors to economic growth.

The world clearly needs an innovative way to democratize finance, and we maintain that FINTECH, state-of-the-art technology, can help expand access to finance and equalize opportunities.

At the Impact Investment Summit, companies with a high social focus analyzed the mobilization of public and private capital for social development from an innovative and effective approach, discussing topics such as:

  • Cooperation and partnerships between governments, NGOs, corporations and private investors.
  • New ways to combine the forces of entrepreneurship, innovation and capital to improve people’s lives.
  • Increase awareness and expand the investor base to achieve greater inclusion and sustainable societies.
  • Action plans to make impact investing a more influential practice.

The World Business Angels Investment Forum 2019, highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship and angel investment as part of the economic growth of countries today. So, the participation of Mexico played an important role in financing issues.


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